The Purge begins.

Last night I finally decided I could no longer stand having a room full of stuff I don’t even use, so I started what I’m going to call The Purge.

All part of my de-clutter plan for 2016, The Purge will be followed by The Removal of Crappy, Irrelevant Furniture (a bigger scale purge of things like mismatched bedside tables/office chairs) and lastly The Shop and Makeover (taking stock of what’s left in the room and filling in whatever pieces my room still needs).

So back to last night. There was no way I was going to be able to tackle my entire room in one go, so I split The Purge into several phases: wardrobe, bathroom, desk + drawers and bookcase – my four main clutter-collecting zones.

Yesterday was all about the wardrobe.

Closet goals sighhhh. (source:


For my closet cleanse, I really liked the idea of making my own capsule wardrobe. If you’re not familiar with that is, here’s the blog that started this whole idea. TD;DR, it’s a selection of 30-40 items (including shoes, excluding undies, active wear, lounge wear, special occasion outfits and accessories) that you curate and stick to for 3 months (ie. 1 season). At the end of 3 months, you go through your clothes again and keep/donate/add whatever you need to create a new selection for the next 3 months.

However, I wasn’t confident I’d be able to survive on such few pieces of clothing so I decided to just follow the process without limited myself to a certain number and then see what that left me with.

My wardrobe is a huge, 6-door, built-in monster. I have a love-hate relationship with it – on one hand it’s great for storage, but on the other, it’s a huge, 6-door clutter trap I can’t get rid of, plus it takes up almost an entire wall of my room.

It’s divided into 3 double-door sections. Section 1 held coats/special occasion wear belonging to other family members, my dresses, my bedsheets and other miscellaneous items I’d stashed and completely forgotten about. Section 2 had shelves and drawers that held all my folded clothes, socks, scarves, hair/beauty tools, undies, jewellery and random pouches. And Section 3 held all tops and bottoms that required hanging plus all my bags.

As I only had a few hours and HATE folding clothes, I decided to tackle section 1 and 3 (ie. hung items) first. I didn’t take pictures of the whole process but it got messy. First I emptied the two sections and sorted everything into piles of to-keep, to-go.


This was a pretty quick process. Things I used all the time and loved went straight into to-keep. Anything that didn’t fit me anymore, didn’t look good or I hadn’t worn in at least a year went into the to-go pile. As for things that I wasn’t sure about, I tried them on and tried to critique how they looked on as harshly as possible. I really couldn’t decide what to do with a few (about 5-10 items), so then I started a third pile for the maybes.

I did the same thing with my bags, and let me tell you I didn’t even know I had some of these bags. Some were ones I bought when I had zero taste. Some were ones people gave me but I never got round to using. A lot were the cheap canvas kind you just sort of end up collecting after some time.

Finally, this was the pile of stuff that didn’t make the cut:

Cray. I have no idea how I hoarded so much nonsense.


Once the piles were done, it was just a case of bagging all the to-go items, putting the maybes to the side, and re-hanging all my to-keep items.

So neat I could cry.


I sectioned it by clothing type, colour and sleeve length. Anti-clockwise from the top right I have dresses (5), a playsuit, coloured tops arranged by sleeve length (9), pants (3), skirts (3), black tops arranged by sleeve length (8), white tops arranged by sleeve length (10) and a blazer. So that’s a total of 40 items. Not too bad!

I’ve bagged all the to-go items and will eventually donate whatever I can’t give away. I’ll hold on to my maybe pile for another month or so before deciding again whether I can do without those items. Tonight, I tackle the folded items and drawers. And at some point, I wanna get LED spotlights put in so I can actually see my clothes.

In the meantime, I’m SO proud of myself for finally getting down to throwing out all that crap, I’m gonna take a moment to bask in all this awesome organised-ness.

nicole richie
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